Sifu Steve has been a teacher and role model to my son for 11 years.  Over the years I had the opportunity to watch him grow as an athlete,  instructor, and person, and have always been impressed.  I was very  happy when my son told me years ago that he wanted to be just like Steve  (before he was a Sifu) and am thrilled that he still looks up to him  today.  He is very patient and understanding and has a unique way of  being fun and serious at the same time.  He earns the students attention  with respect, not intimidation.  He teaches self discipline as opposed  to being a disciplinarian, making the students want to try their best to  be their best.  He also teaches the importance of respecting yourself  and everyone around you.  I cannot say enough good things about Steve as an Instructor, role model, and man. 

- Tracey Healey, Parent of Black Belt

My daughter has been training with Sifu Steve for 3 years, and her experience has been outstanding. She gained great discipline, skills and confidence. Sifu Steve is an excellent teacher, kind-hearted person and a good friend to everyone. His program not only covers physical fitness and self-defense, but also intellectual and spiritual aspects in life. If you are looking for a martial arts school that will give your kids a very positive, friendly and encouraging experience, I highly recommend Sifu Steve.

- Ryan Hummel, Parent of Jr Black Belt

My two boys have been taking Kung Fu with Sifu Steve for 4 years. We are so lucky to have found him. The boys have learned so much about Kung Fu and are always excited to go to class. He not only teaches the techniques but teaches them confidence and all about respect. His classes are always fun. It is the best class you could ever sign your child up for.

- Emily Vincent, Parent of Two Purple Belts

Sifu Steve, is an amazing instructor. He builds a foundation for each individual student & he motivates, builds confidence ,and provides the tools needed for the training with a very genuine smile. I would highly recommend him to family, friends and anyone interested in learning martial arts. He is amazing!!

-Heather F, Cardio Kickboxing Student